I am a fantasy writer and world builder with experience in interactive fiction and game design. I have preference for mixed genre fiction such as urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, or science fantasy fiction that often mixes with inspiration from my love of history and prefer to write stories that allow the exploration of deeper topics – such as living with chronic illness, inclusivity and representation, relationships, and trauma survival – in a safe format.

Experience in Fiction


Master of Art in History

Provided World Building for the “Do Not Disturb” and the Breakout Games shared universe (“Breakout City”).

Designed the story of the “Runaway Train” room, and provided primary game design, world building, and early draft sketches of the project design.

Provided game design support and testing for all rooms released between 2016 and 2019.

Provided copywriting and general technical support for Breakout Games’ website.

From Southern New Hampshire University.

Studies included Public History, Archivist, and traditional historiography classes.

Thesis Project was on the effects of the Sengoku Jidai on modern Japanese Culture.

Bachelor of Art in History

From Southern New Hampshire University, with a specialization in Military History. 

Involved in the early stages of the product’s general design and creation, primarily as a consultant.

Provided World Building text and research for multiple story series in the Dispatch interactive story, including providing setting guidelines for the “I, Spy” box and research and support for the world of the “The Cat’s Eye” and “Disappearing Magician” stories.

In addition, I worked on the design team for all four of the main stories providing editing, game and puzzle design, and general creative support.

Fiction Writing 80%
World Building 75%
Research 60%
Game Design 60%
Non-Fiction Writing 55%
Copywriting 55%
References available on request.

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